Glenn Murcutt - Magney House, Bingie Bingie (1982-1984)

Just got back from hearing someone talk about their masterclass with Australia’s pre-eminent architect Glenn Murcutt. I remember being enchanted by his ’touch the earth lightly’ approach to architecture when the Melbourne Museum displayed his drawings and scale models three years ago. Admittedly his forms aren’t particularly seductive in photographs, but as architectural photographer John Gollings admits, the glossy photos on paper often has no bearing on how good the building actually is. 

Exclusive: The 1975 Festival Mixtape

Since releasing their self-titled album less than a year ago, The 1975 have spread around the globe like wildfire. The album hit number one, and since then, the band’s feet have barely touched the ground. They’ve been on tour solidly for two years, selling out shows in pretty much every

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In God We Trust from Mateusz Witzcak. More pictures on his Behance page.


David in Kyoto, Japan. Photos by Masayoshi Sukita, 1980.

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Four Tet x Lana Del Rey x West Coast

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